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Give Back

We believe that every older person in Aroostook County deserves to age well. As a non-profit, most of our services are provided at no charge. The financial and volunteer support we receive from our community allows us to offer more services to more people.

March for Meals 2023

Getting food and good nutrition is something we all need to remain healthy and happy, no matter our income or support network.

​Home-bound older people throughout northern Maine who are unable to attend dining centers and have difficulty preparing their own meal may be eligible for home-delivered entrées through the Meals on Wheels service.

 Each March, Meals on Wheels celebrates the historic day in 1972 when a national nutrition program for seniors was added to the Older Americans Act. This legislation supported the rapid growth of the Meals on Wheels network that now collectively serves 2.8 million older persons each year.

This year's March for Meals celebration comes at a time when eight out of ten local Meals on Wheels programs are still delivering meals to more older adults than they were prior to the pandemic, and operational and food costs are still soaring even while inflation slows.

In Maine, we know that one of every four older adults lives alone, and that one of every six older Mainers is threatened by hunger. Now is a critical time for you to support your local Meals on Wheels so that this valuable service is available to older neighbors in need for decades to come. 

Did you know that a $200 donation will buy a month's worth of meals for someone in need? Or, that a $50 gift will help feed one older person for a week? The need is great and each dollar pledged is matched by thousands of hours of in-kind services from volunteers in your community.

Your donation today will make an immediate impact as there are older adults in Aroostook who qualify for meals but do not receive them due to funding shortfalls. Your generous support makes a meaningful difference -- not only will your neighbors receive nutritious food, but also a regular visit from a friendly volunteer who makes sure they are safe and doing well.

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Other Ways to Give

Planned gifts and bequests enable our agency to plan for the future, ensuring services for older people in Aroostook for years to come. Corporate sponsorships provide benefits to those we serve, as well as the business partner through public visibility. We can help you explore options for giving that match your interest and make the most difference to those in need.

Please contact the Agency to make your financial gift.

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