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We believe that every older person in Aroostook County deserves to age well. As a non-profit, most of our services are provided at no charge. The financial and volunteer support we receive from our community allows us to offer more services to more people.

March for Meals 2024

2023-24 Annual Appeal

We feel blessed to live in this magnificent, remote region, where people are hard-working, connected to the land, committed to their neighbors, and creative in responding to the hardships of life.  This is where we want to live.

This rural, sometimes extremely cold, and always beautiful place can be isolating.  With distance often comes disparities.   We know Aroostook can be an even better place to “age well”, as this improves our lives and keeps us healthy, allowing us to make our community stronger through our relationships, knowledge, and traditions.

We need a strong Agency on Aging to help us navigate life’s journey. Each year the Agency provides over 220 thousand units of service such as home visits, meals, classes, referrals, or answers to questions to more than 5,000 people. These services help us to be understood, included, supported, and to continue to live in our homes and be engaged in our communities.

The harsh realities of our changing world require our Agency to refocus on the needs of our community. The Agency must build capacity to fight ageism, use technology to defy distance, and build relationships with current and new funding partners.

We are hopeful for our future.  We ask you to consider supporting our mission.

Please consider a gift today!

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Other Ways to Give

Planned gifts and bequests enable our agency to plan for the future, ensuring services for older people in Aroostook for years to come. Corporate sponsorships provide benefits to those we serve, as well as the business partner through public visibility. We can help you explore options for giving that match your interest and make the most difference to those in need.

Please contact the Agency to make your financial gift.

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