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We are here to help you understand important and sometimes complex topics. We have community outreach specialists on staff who can provide education and explain available community resources and services. We partner with other community agencies to make sure your needs are met.

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Aging & Disability Resource

All people have questions or need assistance from time to time. Our toll-free, confidential Answer Line provides information and support on all Agency services and a variety of important topics. In addition, we encourage our community to visit our Aging & Disability Resource Center, which is located at 260 Main Street, Presque Isle, Maine.

Aging Well Speaker's Bureau

People of all ages have a desire to learn and experience new things. It is said, “with information comes power.” With over 20 programs and services for older people, those with disabilities, and their care partners, the Agency has experts available to provide presentations to community groups

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Benefits Checklist

We all need occasional support as we age. Public benefit programs were created to help people live independently. Persons age 60 and over may qualify for a variety of helpful programs. We have a Benefits Checklist to guide people to services they may qualify for and be able to use. Use our Singles Benefits Checklist or Couples Benefits Checklist to identify which programs may be available to you.

You may also use the National Council on Aging’s Benefits Check Up Tool. This is a free, national website that identifies programs available to help older adults. You will complete a confidential online questionnaire. Then a customized report will be generated and will provide you with programs you may be eligible for as well as application information for each.

Legal Services for Maine Elders (LSME)

There are times when we all need a strong advocate who can provide good advice and help us represent our interests. Legal Services for Maine Elders provides free, high quality legal assistance to older people in social or economic need. Topics include healthcare, health insurance, Medicare, MaineCare, Social Security, public benefits, pension/retirement benefits, powers of attorney, credit/bankruptcy problems, physical and financial abuse, guardianship defense and other civil (non-criminal) matters. Contact the LSME Helpline (1-800-750-5353) or visit for more information.

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Medicare and Insurance Counseling

Quality healthcare services are important to people of all ages. Matching coverage to an individual’s needs can be challenging. Education and counseling help people to know all the options available so they can select the best plan for them. Trained health insurance and Medicare counselors are available to guide those in need of assistance as they choose their coverage during the Medicare open enrollment periods or any time though our “Welcome to Medicare” seminars.

Outreach Services

Sometimes we need someone to guide us as we confront life’s changes and challenges. Trained community outreach specialists are available to work with older people in the community or their care partners to answer questions, connect them to resources, assist them with applications for services, or be their advocates. Bilingual services are available. 

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Preventing Fraud and Scams

We all work hard for our money and try to protect our resources. Older people often have saved large sums of money for retirement. Fraud and scams have many forms, such as Grandparent Scams, Identity Theft, and Government Grant Scams. Education on fraud and scams is available for both individuals and groups, as well as assistance for people who have been the victim of scams.

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