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Staying well allows us to live better lives. Through group classes and events, we share information and techniques that will help you age well. For a complete list of classes or to make a referral, visit Healthy Living for ME      


It is widely accepted that exercise and physical activity can help people continue to live at their best as they age. If we have fun while moving our body, we are much more likely to do it. Bingocize is an evidence-based class that combines exercise, falls awareness, healthy lifestyle information and Bingo in one package.

Closeup of older person smiling

Bone Builders

Having strong bones is an important part of preventing fractures and remaining healthy. The Bone Builders program helps you improve balance to protect against falls and fractures, while enhancing your energy level and sense of well-being.

Brain Builders

Physical, mental, social, and emotional wellness is important at any age. But do you know having a healthy brain improves your mood and decreases the likelihood of having illnesses that threaten your quality of life? Our monthly online Brain Health class helps participants create goals that impact on their life and boosts their brain health.

Aged Couple Sitting Next
Working Out with a Physio Ball

Falls Prevention Informational Session

Avoiding painful and possibly debilitating injuries is important to all people. The risks and consequences of falling down are greater as we age. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to make us more confident and stable on our feet. Training is available to help older persons gain an overview of falls prevention tips and learn about other wellness classes available in Aroostook County.

Living Well with Chronic Conditions

Staying well allows us to live better lives. The Living Well chronic condition courses -- Living Well for Better Health, Living Well with Chronic Pain, and Living Well with Diabetes -- help people learn how to manage their own health by improving communication with their physicians, actively managing their symptoms, creating personal action plans, and developing support structures.

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Active Senior Couple

Matter of Balance

Remaining safe and healthy at home is a goal for all. A fear of falling is something that can be on the minds of older people. Engaging in moderate exercise helps improve your balance and coordination. Matter of Balance is an award-winning program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase the activity levels of older adults.

Tai Chi for Health & Balance

Improving health and wellbeing are essential to living a long life. Tai Chi for Health and Balance is a program proven to be effective in preventing falls and relieving pain for those with arthritis. Participants focus on improving strength, balance and mental health.

Virtual Tai Chi Practice
Elder Couple

The Conversation Project

We all have matters that are very important to us and we often want others to know about them. Talking about the things you want for yourself can be challenging. Will I have enough money, will someone make decisions for me, does anyone really know what is most important to me, or does anyone know what makes me worried or afraid? Our online Conversations class can assist older persons in developing questions or sharing concerns that they have with loved ones or their care provider.

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